Vases Mix 5

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Colour: Anthracite

Vases Mix 5

Regular price €78,00 Tax included €0,00

The clever clamp system holds the glass vases in position and allows for countless combinations. Depending on your needs, unique floral decorations can be created and reconfigured at any time. The glass vases are available in two different sizes, allowing you to create inspiring combinations.

- designed by the renowned London design studio Pearson Lloyd
- made from 100 % biodegradable rPLA from local waste streams
- no tools are used in 3D printing, no waste is produced and only renewable energy sources are used
- 3D printed for Bene by Batch.Works

PLA becomes malleable and soft above 50 °C. bFRIENDS are therefore not suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher.



Width 42.0 cm
Depth 6.5 cm
Height 18.5 cm