Our Story
Design with added value
for the environment.
Sustainable design accessories get things tidy in next to no time and suffuse any environment with an inspiring atmosphere. Designed in collaboration with the Pearson Lloyd design team, bFRIENDS represents an innovative range of accessories developed specifically for living and working spaces. Pre-used packaging materials made of plant-based plastic are recycled, processed into new filament and printed in 3D to create the range of products of the sustainable bFRIENDS collection.
This product range includes a vast array of items: various storage containers such as pots, trays and boxes, versatile stands, decorative items, vases and plant containers, as well as flexible hooks and clips. The bFRIENDS are available in different sizes and are characterised by their versatile functionality – there are no limits to how they can be used!

The bFRIENDS products are available in 13 standard shades, can be manufactured in custom colours and feature engraved company logos upon request.
Outstanding Design

A single, unbroken line traces the distinctive silhouette of each item, demonstrating the additive character of the 3D printing process. bFRIENDS was created by the highly-respected London design agency Pearson Lloyd, and has already received the 2022 Red Dot award.
Smart Manufacturing

Batch.Works produces bFRIENDS in a decentralised production network, using high-precision 3D printers. The 3D printing process requires no additional tools, generates no waste and uses only renewable energy sources. The products are also printed on demand, meaning no warehousing is needed.
Innovative Circular Economy

bFRIENDS is manufactured from 100% post-consumer recycled PLA (rPLA). This is produced from locally-sourced waste streams, such as food packaging materials. Reflow turns the rPLA into a biodegradable 3D printing filament. When the product comes to the end of its useful life, bFRIENDS can be reintegrated into the closed-loop material cycle.